Pride in Performance

At the Cardi Companies, we strive to lead our industry by example. We provide the best equipment, materials, training, and supervision. Our mission to strategically execute each task on every construction project with an unwavering commitment to the hundreds of thousands of people whose quality of life may be affected by the quality of our on-site performance. Our employees are expected to take pride in being part of Cardi by conducting themselves in a professional manner, from personal appearance to the appearance of the job sites to the appearance of our vehicles and equipment.

Safety is Our Way of Life

The Cardi Companies’ safety record speaks for itself. We go beyond compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations—it is our daily objective not only to perform with excellence but also to eliminate even the possibility of workplace incidents.

Safety Education

We require an initial full safety orientation for all new employees, and treat safety issues as a core part of our business with a continuing commitment through safety education and other ongoing training on a variety of topics over the course of the employee’s career. We believe that the true measure of safety success is that each and every one of our employees goes home every day to families and loved ones in the same condition that he or she came to work.